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We have a love of capturing people's special life moments. Because we've made an effort to capture our own memories on camera, we know how important and valuable those little frozen moments in time can be! We both grew up with an interest in photography -- Dustin in Philly and Bree in Indy. We met at college in 2014, fell in love, and started taking pictures together. Since we got married and put down roots here in Indy, our passion for people and photography has grown and grown!

We truly make the best team and absolutely love pairing our skills and strengths together for each shoot. Keeping things casual and lighthearted is definitely our style and we like to think that's something our clients love about working with us. You can often find us watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, trying out a new pizza place, working on remodeling our house, and, like good ole millennials, enjoying some quality coffee. Most of all, we love Jesus and hope that you see and feel His love through us in every interaction.

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We love all the brunch foods and the coffee. Indie Coffee is one of our absolute favorites spots around Indy for a coffee date or meeting with friends. 


The state fair has been something Bree’s family grew up doing together every year. It’s become even more of a tradition now having our own family making memories and most importantly, eating the fair foods.


Dustin’s favorite food, especially as an east-coast guy. We spent so much time sharing pizza in our dating years and always are up to try a new pizza place. Please feel free to share any and all recommendations!


Something we always dreamed of and it has become one of our greatest joys. Raising tiny disciples is an honor and we’ve love how the Lord has shaped our hearts and shown us more of what really matters. Our daughter brings us so much delight and is our greatest adventure yet!​


We're truly each other's best friend and favorite person to be with. Everything is better together whether we're scrubbing toilets or trying a new restaurant or just hanging out on the couch. We're learning  to become like Jesus through marriage, and that has been the sweetest gift. 


All of it. Homemaking, homecooking, home-renovating, hosting. It’s so important to us that our home is a safe place for people to rest and experience the Kingdom Way of Jesus. It’s a family goal to always be ready to welcome people in for a meal or a place to stay!


We're always up for a movie. Usually, we look for something with a good twist and insane acting. All the Harry Potter series are a go-to and we agree is one of our favorite stories. Please share your favorite movie recommendations  with us! 

"If we could do it over again, they would absolutely be our first choice. They are not only professional and produce top-quality photos, but they took initiative to help with other aspects of the day and were a blast to be around. They are servants at heart so we felt cared for and listened to in the entire process." 





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