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Our Top 12 Favorites from 2021

We have narrowed it down... and we literally couldn't agree on 10, so we ended up with 12 favorites -- you're welcome. :) They are not in any particular order (that would be way too challenging!) since there're many different reasons behind our final choices. For us, every single one of them makes us feel something. It's what we love about taking portraits, what we love about people. We encourage you to really look at these moments and not just scroll on through! There's a uniqueness to all 12 of these little frozen moments -- the stillness, the laughter, the sweetness, the excitement, the joy, the peace. It's the tug inside your chest that makes you want to smile just by looking at an image. It's the little things you start to notice the longer you look -- the expression in their eyes, a glimpses of a personality, a touch of a hand, or how a picture can make you want to inhale or exhale.

To convey the essence of who someone is or who they love or what they're like in a photograph is the challenge we've taken on. That challenge is what draws us in, keeps it exciting, and makes us wonder at all the beautiful, intricate, wonderful people the Lord made. We're so incredibly grateful for each and every person we photographed in 2021. Thank you for inviting us into these moments. What a gift!!



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