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Kirk + Madison | Small Outdoor Summer Wedding | Indianapolis, IN

After father-of-the-groom received a sudden diagnosis of cancer, this sweet couple opted for a small wedding three months before their original wedding date. Of course, it was so important to have Kirk’s dad there, and with a very serious diagnosis, they rescheduled a family-only wedding and dinner to celebrate this marriage. We met up with them at Starbucks a few weeks earlier where they shared the news with us and asked us to take pictures at their small ceremony. We reassured our friends that we would absolutely be there and our hearts shared in their heaviness as we cried and prayed together. 

The morning was quiet and sunny with a small breeze. Everyone was together just like they hoped, drying many tears as the two shared beautiful vows of unconditional love, self-sacrifice, and faithfulness until death all in Jesus' name. We’ll never forget the honor it was to be part of those moments. It was in no way an easy day as joy and grief were both present, and seeing these two families care and love each other was a beautiful and holy thing to witness. 

The presence and power of Jesus remain the strength and the peace as we miss Steve who met Jesus face-to-face the following March. We're so thankful he was strong enough to be at their wedding that fall and for all the memories shared. This family continues to honor his legacy and we are forever grateful to claim the Weathers' as our own family who we love deeply. Our God gives good gifts, and this day and this family are some really good gifts.


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